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What is Forex?

Forex is the abbreviation for Foreign Exchange and means freely translated “currency trading” or “trading in foreign exchange”. At Foreign exchange you can trade the different currencies of the countries, ie their money. The best-known examples here are the USD (US dollar), GBP (British pound), JPY (Japanese yen, EUR (euro), AUD (Australian dollar).
!!! Daily trading volume about 4 trillion USD !!!
The forex and foreign exchange market enables private and institutional investors to trade in domestic and foreign currencies. In a trade one speculates on a fall or a rise in the exchange rate of two opposing currencies.
An example: Price EUR / USD stands at 1.1432, which means we get 1.1432 U.S. Dollar for 1 Euro when changing. Now that we have done an analysis and we think the price goes up, for example 1.1465, so the euro is more valued against the dollar, so we go into a long position, that is, we buy a position. If the value reaches 1.1465 we have won the trade and the difference between 1.1432 and 1.1465 is 33 so-called pips difference, that is our profit.

What is striking?
In the above example, we realized a profit of 33 pips, ie the difference between 1.1432 EUR to 1.1465 EUR. The difference between the two prices is 0.0033 EUR. That is not worth something does not have to be mentioned here. The special thing about forex / foreign exchange trading is that you trade via your broker with a so-called leverage. The second special feature is that in forex trading with so-called “Lot” is traded. A lot is usually 100,000 units of a currency, so in this case, if we went into the trade with 1 lot, we would “set” 100,000 Units. At around $ 10 per pip / lot profit, we would have “won” around $ 330 with this trade. What is noticeable here again? – Right, most traders do not have 100,000 EUR / USD / GBP in their account. Now comes the leverage into play. Since most traders do not have that much money or trading capital, brokers have leverage. These allow the trader to trade such positions even with less equity.
This is how it works: For example, you got a lever age of 1: 500 from your broker. This means you do not have to deposit 100,000 EUR as collateral (margin) for the trade, but only a 500th, in our case 200EUR. These 200 euros are blocked in our trading account as collateral / deposit (Margin). Now you do not have to trade a whole lot but have the opportunity to take smaller positions. The smallest position in forex trading is 0.01 lot. It is best to choose the lot size based on its trading capital as part of a good risk management. So we see, with these two “tools”, virtually anyone can participate in Forex trading.
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